Life is an ever changing circumstance. I have always written poetry from the time I was a young girl. It is a way of relieving the pain, guilt or reliving the joy of life. You will find some poetry on these pages…

Truth Whispers

Deep in the night truth whispers to us in tearful sobs, brutal, raw and real.

Pamela Jacob – 2016

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.


One of my favorites:

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a BUTTERFLY


This poem was written when I was reflecting on my sister and her suicide. It is a long sad story one I will tell sometime.


The ring of the telephone
The knock at the door
I cannot believe

She’s not here anymore
How could this happen
I feel so much shame

Just 20 years old
Am I really to blame?

Empty and hollow
I walked down the hall
Life can be brutal
I crumble and fall…

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.


My mom was an amazing woman, she endured more than anyone I know.  Fighting through the physical and emotional pain she stayed positive, happy and a joy to be with.  Everyone who knew her loved her.

My Mom 

The quintessential mother,
selfless kind understanding and giving

A Beautiful, Strong, Brave, woman
of courage and strength.

Her heart is always with her family
to her that was all that really mattered.

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.

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