Suing Me! Are You Kidding…

Fear of loss - being SuedJust when I think, I am going to be able to breathe a little. When I am having some “good days” I get a notice that my husband’s kids are suing me. Talk about shock and disbelief, after my husband’s daughter begged me to stay in her life.

I thought something was strange when I tried to contact her and the kids for over a month and nothing. No call backs or acknowledgment. Now I understand.

They are questioning the power of attorney that my husband signed! They are trying to say he was not mentally there. This is a bunch of hogwash. They are going to get a pretty good size inheritance when I sell the duplex, but they want ½ of all my assets, including the duplex we sold to take care of his expenses.

The trust that my husband and I put together, they are saying is not valid. I had to issue an addendum when we sold the first duplex. They want 50% of my house and both duplexes they are so greedy.

These adult kids didn’t even help out with their dad what so ever I was lucky if they came over once a year seriously. I am beside myself and having to go through all the medical records just throws me into the painful memories of his disease and the struggles we both endured.

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