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My head is filled with memories of Christmas past. As a child we were poor and didn’t have a lot. My mom was paraplegic; she couldn’t get out and work – my dad, well he was in and out alcohol got the best of him.

I am the oldest of 4, so I tried to help the best I could but how much can a child help?


I realize how blessed I am to have had such a rich life. We may have been poor, but my mom’s love was unconditional. She lived for her children, and I never had a doubt in my mind that she loved me with all her heart.

One Christmas Eve I heard a loud knock at the door. When I opened the door there sat stacks of Christmas gifts beautifully wrapped. Nobody in sight – just those beautiful presents (I was around 8) There must be a Santa Claus!

When I was older, I found out it was my Aunts who had provided us with this splendid gift. My mom had no idea it was them for many years.

I learned to never underestimate the lives you can make bright with just a simple gesture of kindness. No matter how big or small…

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Lewy Body Syndrome…

Those three little words have struck terror in my heart. At first, we thought it was just Parkinson’s (not that it isn’t devastating enough), but then we went to a specialist, the diagnosis? Everything

points to a Parkinsons’s  like disease only much more insidious – it causes dementia not only does
one have physical symptoms – it affects the brain. How can I put my arms around that ?

Only those of you who are in the same circumstance as I am – a husband with a  terminal degenerative disease can truly understand the emotional devastation that comes with learning something like this.  Our journey is going to be a hard one – God willing we will be able to chart the course given us. What else can we do?

There are going to be a lot of tears and prayers – for that I guarantee…

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