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Today I hired the perfect care giver – she is spunky, loving and goes out of her way to give. I was a little concerned that I couldn’t afford her services Beautiful Momentsbut she is worth that and more.

Yesterday was Jayne’s first visit; she came for a 5 hours stint.  I went out to help my sister find an apartment and had an appointment to get some acupuncture therapy.

When I got home and opened the door I hear the sound of music – my husband laughing!

Jayne was sitting next to him and he was having a belly laugh, on top of that my house was clean.  My heart filled with true gratitude and joy.

To see my husband smiling and laughing is an amazing gift – So many beautiful moments with my husband so glad I quit.

Thank You God



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Change your thoughts, this I believe is truly one of the most important things in leading a happy life.

I often tell my husband to change his thoughts it is what goes through his mind that is making him so miserable  – yet somehow I forget to remind myself. The last few post were pretty depressing . I am going to start thinking in a more positive light. It is hard but it is possible – look at all the blessings I have. A loving family, a home, food on the table, a job and last but not least a husband who is still with me that I can hug at will.


Change Your Thoughts

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I have been so down these days  I decided to start my day off differently. Instead of getting up grumbling – I got up and took my shower, got dressed, and drank a cup of Bullet-Proof  Coffee.

I found a 10-minute  morning meditation – turned it on and relaxed. Then I turned on Happy (Pharrell Williams) and danced. I love the song and it really did pep me up and get me ready for the day…

The video is below just watch it, and you will have a brighter day!



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