Personal Stories of Triumph, Pain and Everything In-between…

Maude Adams

This blog is a way to keep my sanity as well as a connection to people who may be able to relate to my journey. It took me quite a while to decide to open my life up to the world – it is hard not to hold back. Honesty can be very painful not only to me but the people that I love.

In the beginning:

My dad wanted to name me Sarah Maude – because we were   related to Sarah Maude Adams, and he loved the association. My mom said no hands down, and I was so happy she put her foot down. Who wants to be named Maude?

This year I found I needed a pen name – in the beginning I balked at having a different name – it seemed so in-authentic.  I want to be completely honest in my writing, and I knew I wouldn’t be – unless I had an alter ego.

Hence Sarah Maude – it felt authentic I truly feel a connection with her. I could feel my dad smiling down on me when I thought about it. So of course that is my decision – Sarah Maude it is!

I hope this blog will entertain, inspire and help you in your darkest hour – I have been through a lot of those dark days and have always managed to come out the other side.

I have to thank my dad for having the insight to want my name to be Sarah Maude little did he know eventually it would serve as a connection to express my deepest emotions and personal struggles. Or perhaps he did know on a certain level? I am sure he knows now – he is one of my biggest fans, and I can feel him beside me right now…

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