My Word for 2020

If you have read this blog for very long, you know that I use a word for the year instead of resolutions. This year my word 2020 is Faith – I need to leave my worries up to a higher power and learn that using my intuition and faith through life will gain me more than anxiety and strife. My favorite scripture has always been about the faith of a mustard seed, so I put it on my graphic.

Word 2020  Faith Ye have faith as a grain of mustard deed

If you would like to pick a word yourself and want me to design a graphic, contact me. I am offering this service – design for a minimal amount. It does help to have the graphic in your phone on your desktop, I-pad, print, or all four.

I have done it for the Pearls in the New Year. Don’t know what the pearls are? It is my new project from the heart, I hope you will join us.

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