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Monthly Archives: April 2014

I cannot believe I have finished the blog challenge 30 blogs in 30 days. It just proves to me that writing articles for a blog does not have to be so time consuming. I do think that some of my posts may have been like the show Seinfeld a blog about nothing.  I hope people could connect to all the articles?

I have never written about things that are just simple thoughts. I think it was pretty therapeutic – and I really enjoyed this challenge.

I will be joining another blog challenge again soon.30 day challenge

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I am always striving to better my life, whether it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle or keeping updated on information I dismayed-womanneed for my business. Business is easy because it is my bread and butter, so I make sure I am up to date on my knowledge.

Taking care of me is not so easy. I always put myself last as I think the majority of women do. So exercises, healthy diet, doing things I love always go on the back burner.

I am also a big believer in setting goals – but I am constantly sabotaging myself.

It is so frustrating example:  I do better on a low-carb diet. When I eat bad carbs, I am like an alcoholic – it seems I have a very hard time getting back on track. I believe carbs are my trigger food. Not healthy carbs but the ones that give us no nutrition.

I always have an excuse. Not cool.

Today May 1 I vow to stick to my eating plan – and exercise no excuses. It doesn’t matter how busy I am I have to take the time.

Do you have this problem?

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