The Truth Hurts

The one thing I can say is it never ends “The Truth Hurts” I have now discovered my worth to my husbands children.

I received a letter in the mail from an attorney, it looks like my husbands children are suing me…

It has been months since I have written.  I am tired and cannot seem to let myself re-live on paper the trials and tribulations. Talk about broken heart-ed, especially his daughter who begged me to stay part of the family because they loved me.

Samina was there for me the first 4 or five months. I love her kids (adults actually), when they took me to dinner I felt so warm with them. I felt like my husband was there, and it was like a warm blanket.

Fast forward 6 months and I could not get a hold of my step daughter or her daughter. I Truth Hurtscouldn’t figure out what was going on. I even left heartfelt messages on answering machines, etc. Then I opened my mail box and what was there?

A letter saying if I didn’t answer and send them a list of all of my husband’s assets they would put everything in probate, they didn’t believe the trust, and they didn’t believe my husband was in his right mind when he signed the power of attorney…

All four of his grown children were suing me, including his daughter – to say I am heartbroken is not an exaggeration. I ended up getting an attorney, and having to put a pretty penny down as a deposit.

He’s the best expensive yes, but he is very honest and wants to fight for me. He said a lot of his cases he feels not so good about but this one is very clear they are just trying to bully and scare me.

Since he communicated with their attorney, I have heard nothing. I don’t know if they have dropped the case, or it is just simmering under the surface. They have up to two years to sue me so one year down, one year to go…

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