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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Organized?  What is that?! I am so not organized – I have some writing on this computer, some more on my other computer. I forgot my cell phone at home today (awwwa).  Now how can I do any business without my cell phone; it feels like I am unable to communicate, to keep in touch with everyone.   I am stressed out.

How ridiculous is that?

I remember a time when we had no cell phones – how did we survive? There were pay phones – and they were few and far between, but all in all, we did survive our parents didn’t flip out if they could not make contact with us every minute of every second of every-day…

I think that gave us a lot more freedom, in fact, thinking back we had to make decisions  by ourselves things  like should we go to our friends house after school, or having the cool kid with the car take us to A & W…  I usually did make those decisions on the fly, but of course I would call from rotarty-phonemy friends home phone or a pay phone if I thought I would be to late. To make a call from a pay phone back then cost a dime – it later went to a quarter – the outrage of it all!

We didn’t have the convenience of calling everyone, hard to believe. In school, we passed notes – I guess that makes me as old as dirt? Anyone who would have told me, in the future we would have mobile phones, that would actually send text message, pictures and video. No way… Of course that would have been my teenage reply.

Another thing – do you ever find that when you put something in a safe place, you can never find it again? Am I the only one who has this problem – I hope somebody out, there can relate to this LOL.

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I am using this great software that my client bought  for me. It is called Dragon; I am, however, getting frustrated because just like everything else it takes time to learn it. It’s really neat all you need to do is train your software to know what your voice sounds like, and you can talk into the microphone, and it types it out for you. So I’m sure I will love this software once I get it all programmed but, just like anything else it takes time.

Right now, I am considering going to overeaters anonymous. I am hoping that I can just do this on my own and eat in moderation. I have the outline. I know what to do, I probably have more knowledge than a fitness guru. The trick is just doing it! Not to take from a Nike commercial, but it’s the truth we all need to just do what is good for us. I shouldn’t talk in such broad terms; some of us do what we need to do without hesitation. Even so, my life is chaotic at best and full of challenges some of which I caused myself.

I am the creative type, I don’t like having rules. Everything in life has rules, so in this lays the conundrum. I believe I just need to light my fire, get my juices flowing, and

find my passion. I used to think it was being a successful business owner. But now that I’m older and I’ve seen success in the business world, I find that it is something a lot more fleeting. I don’t know if it is finding a purpose, making a difference or just listening to myself, going with my intuition.

I think as one gets older and lose those they love the meaning of their lives shift and we find that we grapple with who we are. I am bound and determined to discover this in 2013. I’m giving myself a year to shift and grow. To explore and delve into my psyche, and together perhaps we can see what lies in our future. I have always put myself last, and it time to start putting myself first. Not in an egotistical selfish way but in a healthy caring for yourself way. I am sure as women we all go through this at least most of us, I do know some selfish woman who have never thought of anyone else. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

So I as a woman over 50 am going to take the oath to take care of myself, find my joy in life again, and find new and exciting directions to go.

Won’t you join me in this quest? I hope you do I look forward to your comments and hearing about your life, warts and all!

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