Another Year Older…


I cannot believe I am almost 56. I don’t feel 56, and I don’t think I look 56 but then again, people in their 30’s look so young to me.

Getting Older

The specialist and professionals I see all look too young to be in that position.  My kids are 36 and 32 what do I expect? Time goes by so fast and the older I get the faster it goes.

I remember as a young girl of 10 seeing the new miniskirts come out I thought it was so scandalous; mom did you see this! As I showed her a picture in a magazine.  Then when I turned 13, my grandma would sew  skirts that went to my knees no matter how much I begged for shorter skirts. I was a problem solver so as always I had a solution for that. The minute I left the house I would roll up the waist band on my skirt problem solved. Then I simply unrolled it before I got home to make my mom happy…

When I was growing up there were no cell phones, no computers, no microwaves, colored TV was in its infancy, and typewriters were all that was used.  Younger people may wonder how we survived but I think I was lucky to grow up when people had to interact with each other person to person.

When someone says, “back in the 80s or 90s” I feel that was a just a few years ago then I realize that was 30 years in the past where did the time go?

I am going to adopt the old saying “You are only as old as you feel”  guess what I am turning 31 next month!

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