Last Rites

My heart fell when the nurse said I think it is time to contact the priest for last rights.

There has been a shift – I cannot even explain it but my husband seems to have taken a Last Riteschange for the worst. I felt it yesterday when we put him in his chair. He was smiling and interactive, but I felt something was different.

This morning I felt it more. He isn’t focusing his eyes on me. He is like in a trance. He is talking to someone and reaching up, but in a different way than he has before.  No smile, it is like he is looking past, me when I look into his eyes. I told him I loved him, and he did say I Iove you too in a soft whisper.

Kenna our CNA saw something different as well so we kept him in bed. Dolly our nurse came and could see a change. His vitals were OK, but his pulse was up and blood pressure was down. She told me to talk with his brother, so we can get a priest over for last rites. And she doesn’t want me to be alone tonight – she doesn’t know if it is  a few days or a few weeks, but he is definitely on a downward spiral…

God help me my hearts in your hands.

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