Live Life to the Fullest

I love inspirational quotes. In fact, I like all types of quotes love, life, success, you name it.

I was sitting here looking at this quote and I realized it could be taken many ways. The saying goes “Add Life to Your Days Not Days to your life.”  Since we all think differently I could see some people thinking – so I shouldn’t care about living a long time or staying healthy?

Sometimes people take thing literally. In my understanding, it is about actually living and taking risks Quote about life– don’t be afraid of anything.

After my grandma died, we went to visit her brother, his name was Dorothy (I know a strange name for a man). He was sick, before he had gotten old, he was a tall muscular man, rugged – very masculine he reminded me of the John Wayne type.

At this time, he needed help from his daughter for a lot of things. My brother asked him what advice he would give us that he had learned in life; his answer was “live wild and die young” I was pretty shocked at the answer, but if you think about it, it does make sense…

None of us are going to get out alive so why not enjoy the ride while we can…

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