Help for Women With Thinning Hair

Great Hair Day

Ladies if you have hair loss do I have a product you will love!

When I was young, I use to have long hair it was as straight as a board, but I had plenty of it.  As I went into my mid-30s, I noticed my hair was thinning. I found out it was some of the medications I was on. Holy crap – I get rid of thinning haircould camouflage it pretty well but when I got a picture taken you could see the skin shine through it was devastating.

Hair makes a lot of different on a woman, and I have struggled with this problem for years. I have tried vitamins and tonics you name it; I have tried it. Still a problem – then I saw an infomercial that really caught my attention.

It was for women who had thinning hair, and it was a makeup of sorts. It is called a fill-in  powder. It is powder with a brush after you wash your hair you put it on the places where you can see the thinning. It doesn’t come off until you wash your hair again. It was pretty expensive, but I was willing to give it a shot.

I loved it – my hair looked thicker, and I didn’t have to feel self-conscious anymore.  It lasted for a long time when I did get ready to buy it again I decided to look at different products that were like this one I bought. I found some that were much cheaper, but they didn’t work as well. My head would itch if I scratched it; I would have brown fingernails it was not good. I tried a lot of different brands, but I came back to this one – it actually has a substance that is supposed to help your hair grow not suffocate it.

The product is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Take my advice it is the only that is worth buying, and it is well worth the price. You will no longer feel self-conscious about your thinning hair.


If you decide to give it a whirl I would love to hear how it works for you…

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