It About Time for ME…

I am now 57 and realize I am tired of caring about everybody else, I have lived my life for everyone else but not for me.  Worrying about what I can do to comfort those who may not even deserve it.Its Time For Me

I am going to start living for myself – as well. I don’t mean I am not going to stand by my obligations but I am going to make some decisions that will give me some joy, fun, laughter in my life,  at least as much as I can under my circumstances.

I am going to stop and smell the roses – start taking care of me.  I just need to shed the guilt gene. I feel guilty if I step on a crack in the sidewalk. I am going to have to somehow get rid of that, any suggestions?

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My life has been full of twists and turns. I have been wanting to do a personal blog for a long time and so here it goes. To know who I am and what I am about - subscribe! Looking forward to your comments.
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