Hugs & Kisses

My niece and her family came, but my husband was sleeping the whole time. When he heard Brandy’s voice, he lifted his hand but still slept. Around 10 minutes before they went home, he woke up and smiled  a big smile. I was so happy he could  get hugs and kisses, especially from the little ones.

Yesterday Jaynie said he was doing really well she came over to take care of my husband


Millcreek Canyon

like every Monday to give me time to get things done and just get away. I pay her for five hours,  she is now like a family member to us. She is the best care taker, and we love her.

I was able to go up to the canyon and (finally) see the fall leaves. It is a bit late in the season some trees didn’t have leaves anymore, but it was still beautiful. And I love the streams cutting through the mountains.

I am trying to come to grips with everything, finding my way to cope. I am strong I know it, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that – especially when I think I am doing OK and then some said something simple, and the tears want to flow…

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