Routine Blah So Boring.

I get so frustrated I am one of those people that want things to happen fast. I don’t want to have to wait; I don’t want to analyze or wait long periods to see results.Frustration, changing direction

In my business, I have to start from step one no matter what the project so my business life is fine it is in my personal life; I need help.

I also hate routine – it is boring and mundane. I think that is because I had never had a real routine as a child. Since my mom was fighting just to be able to stay alive of course some of those things went to the wayside.

As an adult even at my age to establish a routine is torturous add that to instant gratification it is not good in any situation. That is where I tell myself, I will start my diet later, clean my house or exercise tomorrow. This ends up being a disaster because tomorrow never comes.

I will go a few days eating healthy, but if I am offered a cinnamon roll with raisins (or whatever) I eat it after all one slipup won’t hurt.  If I were to do this once in a while that is fine, but once I have one I continue to eat badly, and it is almost like an addiction! I need to visualize that gold at the end of the rainbow. Know the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

This is where I need a paradigm shift – I just have to remember the saying life is a journey not a destination…

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