Surprised and Humbled

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Thank You Mom

Life is funny sometimes; we don’t always know the impression we leave on people we have known in the past. I connected with a friend from 35 years ago on Facebook (Yes 35!).  It was her 32nd wedding anniversary, and I congratulated her with, and I was at your wedding!

Her comment back was “We have been friends for a long time. I cherish those early days of working together. You taught me a lot …””

I was deeply touched, what could have I possibly taught her? When I asked,  she said – You’ve had tremendous heartache, but you smile and move forward, as did your mom – great examples…

To be put in the same category as my mom is unbelievable – she also told me I was one that never put judgement on people and was accepting. My mom was exactly the same way…

No one ever knows what impression they are leaving on people they meet.  I am humbled – to be compared to my mom,  it is such an honor.

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