I was looking at some pictures on a social media site today, and I saw this young girl with pink and blue hair smiling with what appears to be a Trans gender man next to her. They both looked so happy to be together. It looked like this man/woman was probably a close friend or relative possibly father of this girl.

It made me think about how hard it is to be different to be judged by others. You know anybody that isn’t considered “normal” and I use that term loosely are made fun of and ridiculed. I have never understood that, why does anyone have the right to judge someone based on looks?

This goes far beyond just Trans gender individuals. As an example when I see someone who is extremely overweight I Snobbery, Petty, Judgementalwonder what has caused them so much pain in their lives. Someone who is obese are carrying some sort of pain that they have not dealt with and use food to avoid the pain they are in. But that doesn’t stop some people from looking down on them thinking they are better.

Anyone who is not particularly attractive – they may have a heart of gold but that doesn’t matter to these types. People can be so cruel when judging the physical beauty of another. We are born the way we are born; we really don’t have any control over genetics.

I cannot be a friend of anyone who gossips, and tears down people they don’t know just because they are not pretty enough or have a mole on their lip. I have always recoiled at anyone taking about others they don’t even know. I know it is wrong now and I knew it was wrong from childhood. If you find your self in  this category or have friends who think they are Gods gift to humanity you may want to change or rethink the relationship.

My friends need to be authentic, compassionate and kind to those around them.  With age comes better judgment and I chose not to associate with tearing others down. Pettiness, snobbery, and phoniness are not those I consider “friends”.

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