Deep Lonely Feeling – Then a Sign

I often have a deep lonely feeling in the pit of my stomach. It happens the most at dusk, but  it can hit at any time.

The loss of my husband is such a painful road. I am trying to carve out a new life for myself, but I keep wanting to scream and dig my hills in NO. I just need him back.  At night I pray for peace and  a sign that all is OK.

Then most amazing thing happenedHindu-Temple

I was going to a new store on 90th south and did get off on that exit.  I couldn’t find the store, I didn’t us my GPS. As I then turned around and went down a little road standing in front of me was the Hindu temple what a surprise, especially since I live in Utah.

As I drove down the road to get a closer look at the beautiful structure right next to it was the India cultural center. My husband was from India and his ancestors were Hindu before they became Catholic. What are the chances?

I couldn’t believe it; I was on a completely different road and how I did get there I really don’t know.

I do know why – a sign from my husband. I ask for one the night before…

Thank you sweetheart…

PS I was on 104 west and should have been on 90th!

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