My Life – My Problem

My life has taken such a tumble that it is hard to make sense of everything.

It has now been 6 months since my husband’s passing and I do have some “good” days. Most of the time I still feel immense pain and heart break.

It is like I was a bit numb for a while but now the awakening is fully realized. I keep telling myself to just do building block to reconstruct my life. One block at a time

The other day my kids and I went to the grave. On the grave stone is a picture of my husband and myself. When I looked down on those smiling faces I realized that is not me Life - two hands entertwinedanymore – I am a ghost of myself. You could say at this point in my life I feel like I have died with him…

I have struggled because of that this week. A good thing did happen though a friend that had not been around reconnected, and it has been sincerely helpful to be able to talk and relate to someone that understands the pain. They to have a spouse that is terminal and there is the difference between someone who really know what I am going through and have gone through.

Everyone else has been great, but I understand that they really cannot understand fully unless they have been through it themselves. That is what makes this friendship so special, and I am hoping we can continue to support each other and bring a bit of levity in each other’s lives.

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My life has been full of twists and turns. I have been wanting to do a personal blog for a long time and so here it goes. To know who I am and what I am about - subscribe! Looking forward to your comments.
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