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I went to the dentist for a simple cleaning and came out needing to schedule surgery… it seems I need to have connective tissue reconstruction – I had a tooth implant about five years ago and for some reason; the gums have receded. The procedure is they take tissue from the top of your mouth and graph it to the exposed tooth quite painful – ( doc!) it takes over a week after surgery before you are back to normal.  The older I get the more I hate pain.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart.  Just the other day as I watched celebrities going down the red carpet that were in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond, they looked so beautiful  and much younger than their age.

The thought popped into my mind, when one has money it becomes a lot easier to stay young looking.

As I have gotten older, I found my eyebrows began to fade, and I was penciling them on… up until my 30s and early 40s I had great natural eyebrows, but suddenly they were going…  Strange, then I had hair on places where I shouldn’t and started losing hair on my head. The fact that I have to take thyroid pills didn’t help.  No matter how I styled my hair – when I had pictures take I could see where my hair was thin. I am sure some of you know what I mean…

My teeth that had once been so perfect and white began to look like “well” worn-out  Chiclets…  And I had some back teeth that were not surviving.

All of these things seemed to come at me all at once. So this is what aging is – it sucked (pardon the French!)

About the time all this was happening, I made some decisions that have given me a more youthful look. If I hadn’t had some type of disposable income, I could not have done it.

Older Picture of Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

1st I had my eyebrows tattooed on.  I resisted for so long – but gave in. I was so scared after all when you have this done – you could end up looking like Joan Crawford permanently!  However, I

was getting desperate – so I found a good artist that knew what she was doing – I endured the pain and scabbing (yes – you have little scabs for a while). I love how my eyebrows look now – but it could have gone really wrong, if I hadn’t  had the money to spend I would still be penciling on my eyebrows and wondering if one was a little off or crooked.

Then I saw an infomercial on a product that could actually fill in the sparse places on my scalp – I decided I was going to try it – wow – what a difference it has made. My hair now looks thick, and I have grown it much longer so it looks like it did when I was younger. I will be putting links to these products on the product’s page soon.

My teeth were another thing – I went to check out what it would take to get my teeth revived and younger looking.  I about fainted from sticker shock! I ended up getting a bone graph, implants where some bridges were and had laminates put on my front teeth. I was so scared that I would come out with big fake teeth; you all know what I mean, I am sure you have seen people who look like that.

I am grateful I ended up with some good dentists, and my teeth look really natural and beautiful. But they cost me an arm and a leg – seriously, even with insurance I ended putting in at least $30,000.00 out of pocket – that is outrageous.    Teeth, are a health issue – did you know that as soon as you have your teeth pulled (or a tooth pulled) the bone begins to recede? That is why I had to have a bone graph where I once had a bridge. My mom had that problem at the end of her life – I felt so bad she just had a really hard time eating. So the money was well spent (at least that is what I tell myself) after all health is all we have.

Then there is the waxing to get all the hair that is popping up all over – and on top of that having to dye my hair, every few weeks – ugh it makes me tired just thinking about it.  And what about the Gym membership, I use once a year…

With the time – and money I have put into myself, I was just lucky to have the resources – think about all these famous women – they can have all that and more, hair extensions, fake lashes, Botox, and all the fillers on the market.  Plus – plastic surgeons to take care many more age realted problems.

I did not realize when I was young what it would take to keep up a certain appearance.  It wasn’t until I didn’t like what I saw within the mirror that I found some solutions…

I come back to the same-old  question, why can’t we just love ourselves the way we are and enjoy life?

It really is the type of people we are that is the most important.

So now when you see those women in Hollywood, you will think like me – well if I had their money, I could look like that or at least have the choice!

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