Juvenile at Best

Okay, I have to say that I feel a little bad for being so harsh on Valentine’s Day. The next day my husband handed me a valentines day card that was simply beautiful. This is how it read:


Repentant wife

For My Wife

Love isn’t hearts and flowers, those sweet words have their place.

It’s rainy days made sunny by the bright smile on your face.

It’s the little daily triumphs I can’t wait to share with you.

It’s all the random rough spots that we help each other through.

Is the way that you accept me my good points, faults, and all.

It’s knowing  you support me and feeling 10 feet tall.

It’s warnings in the kitchen. It’s cuddling up at night.

This is love, the daily stuff.  And we sure got it right.


Hearts and flowers are beautiful, but what we have day in and day out while we share life together is more beautiful still.

I love our life together… And I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Isn’t  that beautiful I now feel like I’m such a complainer! He should have known to do it the date of correct? He  did buy me some expensive perfume I ended up ordering. it didn’t feel like that counted. How childish of me,  I should understand, he doesn’t  know the computer very well. With his Parkinson’s he sometimes has a hard time communicating and getting around. He just forgets his thoughts once in a while, and he slow so it may make them feel inferior getting out into the world.

I need to pray at night for acceptance – and always remember he is struggling himself.

 Dear Lord,

Please help me with my faults, help me to be patient and kind to my husband.
even when he may not deserve it.



Life is a journey- and a bumpy one at that…

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