Being a Caretaker is Not an Option…

I just don’t understand how anybody could think any differently.

People are constantly telling me what a good person I am for taking care of my husband. Our marriage vows say, “Until Death do us Part” right?

When you love someone so much that you marry them how could you conceive of anything else. To me, it isn’t an option – if I love you, I love you forever. It doesn’t matter who you are: a spouse, parent, child. You care of them as long as humanly possible

Being a caretaker isn’t easy, and it is one of the hardest things in life: It is hard; emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Being a caretaker is a challenge and it takes its toll, but it is life. Caretaker My husband didn’t ask for this condition, he should be able to live at home as long as physically possible. This gives him comfort the only stability he has left.

I lay by him at night and just kiss his face, hold his hands, feel his skin. This is so important to me; I know our time is limited, and I want to touch him, kiss him, hug him and help him as long as possible.

I know my life is about to change drastically,  I don’t know how I will get through it in one piece. The one comfort I have is I do believe in life after death – and I will see him again.

That still doesn’t blunt the pain of losing him, having a totally different life what a void, there will be.

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