My word for 2015 is empowerment.

Let me explain I read a blog post by Laurel Regan (Alphabet Salad), and she used this method for the year 2014, and it worked for her. The idea is, instead of making New Year’s resolutions set your intention for the year with a word, something that will set the tone for what you want to accomplish in 2015.

What an inspirational idea!

That word just spoke to me, empowerment for me is being able to handle things and be self-sufficient no matter what the circumstance. Believing I can do anything I put my mind to is empowering.

Empowerment is not to ever be the victim to know that my future is built on my decisions and how I navigate life. Even though we cannot get through life without heartache and pain it does make a difference when we can look at things through spiritual eyes.

So yes I say my perfect word for 2015 is…


My word for 2015

My word for 2015

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