Cultivating Gratitude.

This weekend I received an email that had an amazing article in it. I would like to share it with you. It was a reminder for me and I hope it is for you to.


One of the best ways to cultivate gratefulness is to count your blessings by thinking of all the
good in your life as well acknowledging the contributions of others.

This is important for three reasons:

1. Positioning. By focusing on the positive things in each and every day, you position gratitude so that it has top of mind awareness.

2. Perspective. By looking for goodness and nobility in yourself and others, you are reminded that there are lots of good people with good intentions in the world.

3. Power. By being appreciative for challenging lessons and adverse situations you are demonstrating grace under fire. That grace results in greater personal power, self-confidence, momentum, and energy.Gratitude

Practicing the fine art of gratitude is not only among our most important positive emotions, but one that links directly to physical and mental

Like other attitudes, gratitude can be cultivated. We don’t have to wait for someone to shower us
with gifts before feeling thankful.

We can develop gratitude by reflecting on the gifts that are already ours. This reflection can be done
for a minute, a day, or throughout a lifetime.

Most people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, but those who cultivate gratitude celebrate
and rejoice every day.

We can be grateful because we are happy, but we can also be happy because we are grateful.

Enjoy every moment with gratitude and the next time you are eating fruit, remember to gives
thanks to the person who planted the tree. Everything Counts!

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