The Details of Life

I get lost in the details of life. I hate the little details, all the small things you need to do. I feel like they eat up time, and they confuse me in many ways.

Take the 5 million forms you have to fill out just to get insurance not to mention the 3 thousand brochures with all the fine print that you have to read to make sure you get the right insurance. On top of that they use acronyms that all look close to the same.

Then you have to remember what you filled out last year, and which insurance is it that you have? There is not just one insurance; there is life, dental, vision, health, all different.My perspective on life

“I just hate it.”

Then there are the receipts you have to save for tax purposes and when you are billed wrong on any statement, you have to call and call and call to get the right person. Then you get put on hold forever just to find out you have to write them a letter and send it with the information. Six weeks later you may have to go through it all over again.

Why can’t life just be simple? I could go on forever, and you know so could the endless details that will make little difference when we go to the hereafter.

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