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I was flipping through one of my journals last night and there seems to be a reoccurring theme I am always tired and this journal was from 2002.  The husband waking me up syndrome has been going on a longtime – so it is not necessarily his illness. It has gotten worse – and I know he does get bone tired a lot easier but still – 11 years without sleep “Really”!

As I read some of my journal entries I seriously though why am I keeping these journals?

Passing TimeFor posterity – if that is the case I had better edit some entry’s and delete others it would be “so embarrassing”  if my family read them. Others are so boring – but it does bring back a lot  of memories that I had forgotten about.

Perhaps I will write a book about my life and relationships – then it may be important. When I read biography’s I always want to know more about the person. I just read one of Nora Ephron’s books “I Feel Bad About My Neck”. I had seen her on Oprah several  years ago and found her intriguing it wasn’t until she died last year I actually bought the book. I really liked it – just little personal memoirs of her life. The last chapter was a little dark – she had just lost her best friend and some of her thoughts echoed my feelings.

I am seriously thinking about writing a book – I have been told for years through astrologist and psychics alike I would write a book – or do something with my writings. But I wonder why would anyone really want to read about me? I am just an average person – living an extraordinary life…

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