Why I Use Cast Iron

Cooking with Cast Iron

My grandma always used a cast iron pan. I had never even though of having a cast iron pan they look so clunky and hard to clean, that all changed a few years ago.

I must have gotten a bee in my bonnet – I saw some cast-iron frying pans on sale, and I bought them. They reminded me castironof grandma, and I was feeling nostalgic. The one I bought was pre-seasoned, so I didn’t have to worry about preparing it for cooking. Well, I have fallen in love with my pan.

A cast iron pan is chemical free and never ever needs to be replaced. I use to replace my frying pan every year not anymore. To my surprise food glide out of the pan better than one made with Teflon; it can go from stove to oven. A well- season cast iron pan will only get better with age.

Cooking on it food just tastes better for example: toasted cheese sandwiches the bread gets a little crusty and they are delicious.

When I read that you are not supposed to wash them out with soap “what”?  Once I have cooked my food, I will then transfer any leftovers to a container go over to the sink and run hot-water scrub with steel wool it works like a charm. I can use any utensils I want with it – no need to worry about scratching the surface.

Obviously, if you have not used one try it, I believe you will find them one of the essentials in your kitchen like I have.

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