Am I a Freak of Nature?


I started this personal blog because I love to write and felt I had a lot of life experiences that would help others who were going through hard times. I could show them that there is light on the other side.

But then I started having self-doubt’s why would anyone really be interested in my life and what I am doing or thinking.  I Lifes Gamesnever ever feel that way when I write my business blog or do guest blog posts.

My life has been about my business for so long I guess I just don’t think people would want to slow down and read my silly posts.

Or is it a lack of self and that is why I feel this way?

I love reading about others life experiences.

Do you ever feel this way or am I a freak of nature???

Perhaps I should just enjoy the journey…

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About Sarah Maude

My life has been full of twists and turns. I have been wanting to do a personal blog for a long time and so here it goes. To know who I am and what I am about - subscribe! Looking forward to your comments.
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