I am a little concerned today – my husband has been doing so well on these new drugs that were given by his doctor. I have not had to worry about confusion or hallucinations. Suddenly, he is starting to show signs that he is having some trouble again.

I don’t know if he is mixing up any medicine – or my upcoming trip to my sons is bothering him. I want him to come with me, but he won’t – I have to go meet my new grand babies so now I am worried but what is happening

I wish he were not so stubborn and would just go with me – it would be a little harder to get quality time with my dealing with problemsgrandkids but at least I have him in my sight. Last night, he called my cell phone, and I was right there, this morning when I was going to work he bolted out of bed and said where are you going!
He really has been doing well, every time this happens I am worried it is the descent I am dreading. I feel really scattered – I need to pull myself together and focus.

It doesn’t do any good to be worried when I am doing everything I can to make the situation better.


I will just keep telling myself that…

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