Time Marches On…


As I was driving through the place I grew up, memories started flooding through my mind. I had gone out there numerous times but this time it was different.

Now that I am starting to write these posts my memory and thought processes are different somehow. It is like before I was thinking about work 24/7 and that is how I went through life. I didn’t think about my passions and emotions. I am more in touch with the past than I have been in years.

I am from a small town it was much smaller when I was growing up. On Main Street, there is a stone building that used toTime goes on... be the clinic I went to as a little girl. The ceiling was white with decorative holes that almost looked like Swiss cheese. I remember my dad sitting with me in the waiting room and telling me that mice nibbled those holes in the ceiling.

Mom and I walking to Cornets looking for items to buy, I would push her wheelchair up the hills, and she would glide down them. We often took walks through the local cemetery it was beautiful and in the center were benches. Our house was across from the cemetery – my mom use to say these were great neighbors.

There is a restaurant that sits at the top of Main street where my dad use to take me when I was around 8. He liked to take individual time with each of us kids. Dad always ordered my favorite donuts with milk; dad would order coffee and put ice in to cool it down.

Of course, there are many more memories – it is kind of sad how time just marches on those who have gone before us eventually fade and the things that made them unique will be lost.

I guess that is why we need to write books about them and talk to our children and grandchildren about all those that have gone before use.

I think I should do what I have been thinking about – write chapbooks for my parents, grandparents and sister, so I can pass it down to posterity. Now that I am older I understand why people are so fascinated with genealogy and learning about their past ancestors.

One-day, every one of use will be gone and the world will just keep chugging along.

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