And this is America?


I am sick – just the thought of what is going on horrifies me there are no words that are strong enough for what I am feeling right now. Did you know that Oregon power comes from “human Distressed Womanwaste”? They do not want to pollute the earth so they are using aborted babies and human body parts to heat their homes…

Unbelievable, it sounds like a horror story. Is this why we have such big advocates condoning partial birth abortions?

I would like to think no matter what our political persuasion is, this would be something that is unacceptable.

We have plenty of fuel to heat our homes if only we were allowed to process what we have. How can anyone be OK with this?

I don’t even like the thought of having anything human fueling my home let alone babies; pro-life or pro-choice you have to admit this is grotesque beyond belief…


What do you think about this are you as outraged as I am?

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