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I am having a lot of problems remembering simple things – atHospice - comfort care night I cannot sleep so that is no help. I finally made the decision to put Aziz on hospice. The nurse will be coming over tonight, so I can sign the paperwork.

Yesterday was not so good; my back was hurting and I was very down and frustrated.

Trying to get my husband out of bed was hard. He just didn’t understand what he needed to do.

He is pulling back instead of letting me help him sit up, so much resistance. He thinks he is doing what he needs to do. It makes me so sad.

Now that I have decided to put him on hospice, he will be getting the equipment he needs, and I will be getting more help. I really need the help…

We are going to call it comfort care; it is so much better and doesn’t sound like I am putting him on death row… That’s how I feel…

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Good and bad days – seems to be the order of the day. For a good week or so I really thought I was not going to be able to take care of my husband at home. He couldn’t walk, and I would push him good and bad days have Faitharound on his walker (with a seat). That wasn’t the scary part; he would actually look like he was becoming catatonic and buckled, no matter how I tried to get a response I couldn’t. Usually small periods of time but there was an incident when he was out longer I almost wanted to call 911.

I don’t want to get doctors involved that don’t know his history – it is really dangerous and can actually kill him if they give him drugs for Alzheimer’s instead of Lewy Body. They are both dementia but are different in some ways including how the brain reacts to chemicals.

I took his blood pressure and it was low so I took him off his blood pressure medication. Have not had many incidences since – maybe that is what it is and we dodged a bullet.


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