Dads Celebration

The other day it was my dad’s birthday. He has been gone a little over five years it has gone so fast. There is no one like your parents or grandparents who love you more than anyone in the world. My dad would regularly tell me how proud he was of me: You are like your old man – an entrepreneur, free thinker, go getter. When he would introduce me, he would always say isn’t she beautiful (kind of embarrassing actually). As a teenager, he would give me advice like it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one. It is just too bad I didn’t take his advice on that one LOL.  Dads Favorite Food

He had a one-of-a-kind quirky sense of humor, and people loved him. Always tinkering and inventing things he would pull me into all of his projects – to help. He was a recovering alcoholic, so we did 12 step cards, a 12 step game and on and on.

I walked into my neighborhood grocery store and decided to look at some baked goods. I do not really ever go in that direction because I am staying away from carbs… what did I see? A minced meat pie – yes my dad’s favorite. I never see that type of pie in a general store they are really hard to find. It hit me like a bolt of lightning – Dad! I could feel dad’s presence. he wanted to let me know he is still around – watching over me.

I said, “OK dad let’s celebrate in style” I bought the pie along with sardines and crackers. I went home and ate some of the food I remember my dad loving when I was a kid – the only thing that would make it more complete is if I would have through to pick up some Deviled ham and made a sandwich.


I love you dad!

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