What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

I know they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – what happens if it does kill me?

I just have to keep saying this mantra: God will never give me more than I can handle…

Oh lord please help me in my time of need – may I have patience, stamina and strength to carry me through this task.   Things are going from bad to worse…


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Thank You Father JJ – What a Selfless Man

What a selfless, beautiful spirit I found in Father JJ.

Because of the recent news that my husband may only have a few days or weeks I was anxious to get a priest over to give him a blessing. I did get a number from my social worker because it seems father Norman is so busy.

I called this number and ask Father JJ if he minded  giving my husband a blessing. He was the warmest kindest man. He said he would come over after mass, so he did get here Father JJ - a wonderful manabout 8 in the evening.

The blessing he gave was beautiful and to both of us – as he walked through the door, he caressed my face and said.

“You have such a beautiful house, but you know what? Your husband is going to be going to a much more beautiful place. He will not be in pain anymore, and he will see his loved ones and have a joyous reunion.

And guess what? You will be going to that beautiful place where you will find peace, and reunite with him one day. “

He then asked if it were possible he would like to be at the mass when my husband transitions.

What an amazing Priest – he rushed over and didn’t know me from Adam, in the night.

Thank You Father JJ…

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Family is Everything

“My sadness is deep and raw.
My heart bleeds,
I want to thank my family
For helping me breathe”

My daughter decided to come to my house for Noah’s birthday, my grandson is turning 9. They were going to hold it in Idaho Falls but because of recent decline of my husband, they Family Foreverwanted to spend the time down here. Then my son wanted to bring his family down as well so I had all 6 little grand kids here. Noah is the oldest.

It was amazing, totally amazing when the grand kids came my husband had the biggest smile upon his face. I have not seen that smile in a long-time  – it lasted a good 30 minutes not kidding the kids were kissing him and holding his hands.

I have such caring children – they are not children anymore one is 36 and one is 39 but they will always be my children Everyone doted on grandpa  they  sat with him held his hand talked to him.

His eyes are so dull but that smile – it made me so happy. And it made him so happy to have the little ones around loving on him. I love my kids they are so thoughtful and loving it made my day…

My brother came as well; he came early in the morning on Thursday to be with us. He also lives out of town.

I am so thankful to have my family by my side – I don’t know what I would do without them …

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